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Little Lucy and Belle the Honey Bee

Join Little Lucy as she meets Belle the Honey Bee and discovers the world of these amazing creatures
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Little Adventures for Little People

Little Lucy loves to go on big adventures in her garden! Take your children on an adventure into the world of Little Lucy as she meets Belle the Honey Bee and explores the importance of bees – not just for making honey but also for pollination and helping the plants to grow and produce tasty food for everyone to share. Learn why bees spend all day buzzing busily from flower to flower and how, together with your child, you can help these important creatures live happily in your garden.

Big Adventures for Big People

Ever wanted to know more about Honey Bees? These curious creatures are an important part of our modern agriculture. Many people may not be aware that they are under threat, which in turn threatens global food production. However, you may be surprised at the little things that you can do with your children around your own home and garden to make it a nicer place for bees to visit. Through The Big Adventures of Little Lucy even big people can learn what they can do in their own garden to encourage Honey Bee activity and help these struggling pollinators – from planting flowers to buying from local farmers there are steps big people can take every day.