About the Author

Daniel first discovered his love for beekeeping while working on a farm in Portugal in 2010. Since then he has travelled the world exploring, learning and appreciating natural beekeeping in all of its many forms and traditions.

A proponent of beekeeping with minimal intervention and disruption to the bees, Daniel has worked for many years to develop techniques for building hives, harvesting honey, and caring for the bees that best simulate their natural environment.

Daniel’s bee hives are nestled in the picturesque Tamborine Mountain in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Australia. Daniel constructs his bee hives by hand using untreated wood with no metal inside the bee hive. The result is delicious raw, unprocessed honey with no contaminants – honey that is as sweet and pristine as nature itself.

The initial concept of bringing the adventure of bees and beekeeping to children in the form of a book has grown over several years into what will become a series of books about The Big Adventures of Little Lucy. Join Little Lucy on an adventure into the world of bees and other fascinating creatures who teach her about caring for our natural environment.

Many people may not be aware but Honey Bee populations are under threat and in alarming decline across the world. This poses a big challenge for our agriculture and food production as 40-60% of our food is pollinated by the hard working bees. Fostering an awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators within your family is the perfect way that we can ensure that Honey Bees (and the foods we love) are still around for our children to enjoy!

All profits from The Big Adventures of Little Lucy go towards the establishment of bee sanctuaries, bee education and the continuation of the book series.