Many of our readers get very excited about Honey Bee habits and protecting these important pollinators. The first question, of course, is “What can I do to help?!”

The inside back cover of the Belle the Honey Bee book features a short list of 6 things that every family can do in and around their own home, to help preserve these amazing, and important creatures.

Some of these topics may form the basis for more extensive posts at a later date, but for now here is a short summary of some of the things that you can do to support Honey Bees.

1. Grow flowers and plant herbs and fruit trees to help provide food for bees
2. Stop using pesticides and chemicals around your home, garden and lawn
3. Bees get thirsty! Place a shallow basin with clean water in your garden
4. Buy honey directly from local beekeepers who avoid chemicals and produce raw honey
5. Eat organic and pesticide free food from local farmers
6. Become a beekeeper with sustainable practices

If you have any more suggestions or questions about helping the bees, please be sure to leave your comments below.